The Fl-o Orbital

Graphic Design
Project Overview
The team behind Fl-o orbital wanted a co-ordinated approach to design, brand and communications, so interpretations was easy with years of experience in architectural concept design, branding and marketing.
Interpretations Contributions
The most significant and complex part of this project was designing a space station that is iconic, luxurious, functional, contemporary and modular.

The Branding needed to take a long term strategic view, covering the many phases of the projects development, multiple markets, and numerous products as at the heart of the Fl-o orbital is a new construction technology and approach to building in space.
Exterior Design
Interior Design
Brand Design
Web Design
Nov 2018 - July 2019
It's effortless to design a space station that looks like its made of cut-up squeeze bottles, as that's the size of the rocket's fairing, but what if you could manufacture any shape you liked, a whole new set of possibilities open up. It's going to take another year, but by the end of 2020, Fl-o should have a fully tested composite solution.Interpretations have ample experience in designing concept architecture from airports to luxury villas, examples.